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Data Cabling

CAT5e,6,6A,7 Structured Cabling Design and Installations

Fibre Optics

Ultra fast Single & Multimode fibre networks OS2,OM3,OM4


The latest in WAP technologies, installation and management including Wi-Fi 6


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About Us

From inception to installation, our registered and accredited team provides bespoke networking solutions to suit every individual situation. We cover all structured cable installations, local area networks (LAN) over cabling (CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT8) and more specialist solutions as appropriate.
For ultra-fast connections to more secure communications, Communications 4U provides full fibre optic networks, data centre uplinks, cabinet to cabinet communication and all applications where high density and secure data transmission is critical. Fibre optic can accommodate the ever-increasing speeds required making sure your data backbone is future proof. Comms4U installs and tests OS2 and OM3 / OM4 fibre optics to create a reliable, scalable infrastructure for any organisation.
Whatever your custom requirements are, we can find the perfect solution for you with our in-house design team. We are well placed and suited to consult and install today’s convergent technologies, PoE, Wi-Fi and work with all leading manufacturers to create unbiased, robust fluid networks to ensure a fully connected future.
Every solution comes with a full warranty and support, so you can rest assured that everything will work just as you expect.