Fibre Optics

Light transmit information

For ultra-fast connections to more secure communications, fibre optic is the backbone of the network.

With the demand for speeds increasing, making sure your network is future proof is key.
Fibre optic cables carry light to transmit information rather than electrical signals that travel through traditional copper cables. This allows allows for a much higher speed of data transmission, there is also far less signal degradation when compared with traditional copper cables enabling far longer cable runs.
Upgrading your network to fibre optic technology can dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your whole network infrastructure, allowing it to transmit large quantities of data and multimedia content with ease.
Comms4U installs and tests the latest OS2 and OM3 / OM4 fibre optics to create a reliable, scalable infrastructure for any organisation.

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With the constant advancement of Technology, older networks and poorly maintained structure are starting to feel the strain.

As a specialised WiFi installer, we can offer the highest standards for wireless technology currently available including the latest 9.6Gbps WiFi 6.

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